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Our ultrasound classes provide thorough, hands-on training and are backed by a certification. Improve your resume and your patient care by learning point-of-care ultrasound in our Bedside Interventional Ultrasound course.

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Ultrasound Classes

Ultrasound Training with Focus

Our ultrasound courses focus on
respiratory, cardiac, and abdominal emergencies
Acute Respiratory Patients

Learn to use ultrasound to rapidly diagnose the underlying etiology of respiratory distress. Our Bedside Interventional Ultrasound class teaches students to identify pneumothorax and differentiate interstitial syndromes from asthma, COPD, or pulmonary embolism.

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Abdominal Pain Patients

The abdomen presents daunting challenges for assessment and diagnosis. Our Bedside Interventional Ultrasound class teaches students to quickly assess for free fluid. Students also learn to view the kidneys, liver, and spleen, and assess for gallbladder pathology.

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Hypotensive Patients

Our protocol-based approach to hypotension teaches students to use bedside ultrasound to perform rapid cardiac and vascular assessment to search for causes of hypotension in the chest and abdomen.

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Chicago Ultrasound Classes

Learn ultrasound with the latest point of care transducer technology

We encourage the use of portable ultrasound technology - so that's what we use in class. Students gain valuable experience operating the Philips Lumify transducers linked to Android tablets.

Ultrasound Training
No Lecture - Just Learning

Our Chicago ultrasound classes emphasize hands-on, practical learning

Our ultrasound students learn actively with a probe in hand, practice regularly on live models, and perform advanced procedures in class. This is what ultrasound learning should be like.

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Ultrasound Skills

Hands on ultrasound
skills clinicians demand
(Residents and Doctors)

AAFP Recommended Curriculum Guidelines for Family Medicine Residents Urgent and Emergent Care (2016, p. 8): In the appropriate setting, the resident should demonstrate the ability to independently perform or appropriately refer pericardiocentesis

(Medical Students)

AAMC, Recommendations For Clinical Skills Curricula For Undergraduate Medical Education (2005, p. 23): Pericardial puncture technique

Ultrasound Guided Access
(Residents and Doctors)

AAFP Recommended Curriculum Guidelines for Family Medicine Residents Urgent and Emergent Care (p. 8) c. Doppler and ultrasound vascular access

Tension Pneumothorax Decompression

National Association of State EMS Officials: National Model EMS Clinical Guidelines (2016, page 185): Trauma: If absent or diminished breath sounds in a hypotensive patient, consider tension pneumothorax, perform needle decompression

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